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Behind every Great Player is a Great Coach. We have many dedicated Squash Coaches in Ireland who work hard to improve the standard of play in Irish Squash and help to grow and develop the game. As a Squash Coach the success and popularity of the game in Ireland is directly related to your success.

Irish Squash Coaching Qualifications

Coaching is a rewarding and fun way to be involved with Squash – coaching helps improve player enjoyment as well as their performance in the game. Newcomers can be introduced to a fantastic new sport that will keep them fit and healthy for life. Full time professional coaching is also financially rewarding if organised well – and it can provide a good business with flexible hours and good holidays.

Are you interested in Coaching Squash in your club or community? Are you an existing coach with a previous qualification? Are you a competent Squash Player? If you feel you would like to work with beginners and club players as a Squash Coach – Irish Squash run a number of coach development programs that train you to become a professional squash coach.

  • Irish Squash WSF – Level 1 Squash Coaching Course – Foundation coaching for beginners and Club players
  • Irish Squash WSF – Level 2 Squash Coaching Course – Development coaching for WSF Level 1 coaches

It is a requirement of Irish Squash and WSF that candidates who wish to attend the WSF Level 2 course must first complete the WSF Level 1 programme. Full details about these courses can be found HERE under ‘Coach/Dev’.

Irish Squash courses are supported by the World Squash Federation and delivered by WSF and Coaching Ireland certified tutors. The courses certified by Coaching Ireland fit on the Irish and European coach education framework. Information about the Coaching Development Programme for Ireland (CDPI) can be found HERE on the Coaching Ireland website.


We also have a one day course, which is aimed at club volunteers or teachers who want to be able to give basic instruction to players, in particular young players and drive participation in their club. Please note this is not a coaching qualification. Cost €50 PP for the 1 day course.

Information on the course – HERE

If you club in interested in a training day by one of our tutors contact

Course Information


Mandatory for all Coaches

As with all Coaching Qualifications – on successful course completion you will be required to complete a vetting procedure and complete the Child Safeguarding  course in order to become a registered coach. You must also have a SPIN as a coach to receive a coaching ceert after passing a coaching course. See below.

All potential participants for courses need to be members of Irish Squash to apply for a place.

Child Safeguarding Training

Under the Children First Act 2015 (ROI) and the Children (NI) Order and Cooperating to Safeguarding Children and Young People 2017, all coaches are required to complete safeguarding training. Coaches in the Republic of Ireland are required to attend a Safeguarding 1 Basic Awareness workshop. This can be applied for through your Local Sports Partnership. (Search – Local Sports Partnership/safeguarding) and in Northern Ireland, Sport NI also provide the required training (contact your local council sports development officer for advice on accessing training).

Search for Safeguarding 1 Courses – HERE

Courses are online, so you can sign up for any available course and don’t have to be from that particular county.


Under the same legislation ALL coaches are required to be vetted.

For those resident or working in Ireland this is done through the National Vetting Bureau (NVB).  For those resident or working in Northern Ireland this is done through Access NI (ANI).

The National Vetting Bureau and Access NI applications are processed through an online system.  There are differences in each system and both require a paper form to validate your identification.  This is a legal requirement.  Parent/Guardian consent is required for applicants aged 16 or 17 years old.   

The application forms also contain instructions for completion so read through carefully before applying to make sure you have all the correct information to hand and know the process before you proceed. 

See HERE for all details. 

WSF SPIN as a Coach

All coaches must have registered for a SPIN as a coach (this is different to the SPIN for a player)

Apply HERE


We have had great success with Squash in Ireland. In order to maintain and improve upon this record we need to increase the number of players and the number of coaches in Ireland.

Find a Coach

Irish Squash Coaching List of Coaches by Province


Coaches have to complete the safeguarding 1 course in person (on-line is not sufficient).

Only coaches who have completed Safeguarding 1, are Vetted and sent a copy into Irish Squash are listed below.

Are you interested in becoming a Squash Coach?

Coaching is a very rewarding and satisfying job. In order to grow Squash in Ireland we need to increase the number of qualified coaches throughout Ireland and to help with the continued development of existing coaches. Irish Squash together with Coaching Ireland are working on a new Syllabus of coaching programmes to certify new Squash Coaches. Please contact the office for a list of upcoming dates.

Those who recently completed the Mini Squash Coaching programmes should check the dates for completion of their Ethics in Sports training. This must be completed before you can be certified. You should also ensure all of your post-course programme of work (practice training sessions etc.) are completed and returned to your trainer.

Learn from experienced coaches – Practical experience in coaching is hard to replace. Attending a training course will help provide the foundations of your knowledge – practical experience will teach you how to implement these in the real world.

As a new Coach you will come across many situations you don’t expect. You might find it hard to re-train certain ingrained behaviours for example – or find some of your students resistant to your guidance.

Hadrian Stiff the National Coach has kindly agreed to welcome any coaches who wish to watch his training sessions. Hadrian is a Level 4 coach and has over 20 years coaching experience. His experience and expertise in coaching will be of great assistance to new coaches looking for insight from a very experienced coach. If you are interested in attending one of his next sessions pleasecontact us.

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